Atavis s.r.o., a design studio, was established on 1.1.2003 by the transformation of the original association of individuals that had been operating under the name A.V.I.S. since 1993. Since its beginning, the studio has been dealing with designs concerning water constructions, underground services and plumbing.

Members holding a 50% of the stake each and equal rights and obligations are:

We have been dealing with design activities for many years. Before 1989, we worked in state design institutions (Regional Design Institute - KPÚ, Hutní projekt) followed by a short period of independent design activities. Since 1993, the group has been gradually growing and developing until the current limited liability company. The work team comprises 5 employees and invited permanent external co-workers if necessary. Such staffing is effective as for our capability to ensure and process even large commitments and at the same time to guarantee work quality and control.